The Question: Is God Able and Willing?

A few weeks ago, I went to church burdened by my need for financial support.  After the worship service, we had a time of prayer during which individuals could come to the front and pray with church leaders. I shared my burden with one of the deacons, and he asked me, “Do you believe God is willing to meet your needs?” I knew God was able to provide for me, but was he willing?

My faith waivered at the thought of God’s heart toward me.  I didn’t think my needs were important. Sure, God could provide. I’d seen Him work wonders for other people, but I didn’t believe He would do those things for me. After the deacon spent some time encouraging me and praying for me, I left the church challenged by his question: “Is God willing?”

On my way home, one of my friends called to see if I would stop by her house that day. Najahla was praying and trusting God about going on staff with her church.  She and her husband, George, would have to raise support. After spending some time with them that afternoon, it was clear that, like me, they worried about how the Lord would work out all the details, and they wanted to learn from my experience.

Once I finished sharing how God has always provided for me, Najahla and her husband said they wanted to give me the amount that they have to raise monthly, and they wanted to make their first gift right then—on the spot! Wow!, I thought. This couple is trusting God to provide for them, and they are willing to give to me. This was a sacrifice for them. She has been out of work for a year to take care of their new baby, but here they were, taking a step, sacrificing, to support me even as they were venturing out to do the same thing.

This all took place right after church, right after I wrestled with the question Is God willing to provide for me. I got my answer! Yes, He is able and willing!


by Candice Goethe, Collegiate Staff, Tallahassee, Florida
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