Taking Funding Seriously: Time, Effort, Prayer, and God

Fundraising is not easy, but it has been an enjoyable and fun experience for me. I don’t have any stories about big financial partners “saving the day.” What I do know is I put a lot of work into fundraising, and God has blessed the work of my hands and added to it greatly.

The most important thing I have learned while fundraising these past four years is there is no substitute for time. No excuse, no gimmick, no catch phrase, no technique, and no single person is going to change the game. Fundraising has taken a lot of serious effort and time and prayer. I treat it as part of my job. I tell myself that if I don’t fundraise, I don’t eat. This reminds me that, like any other job, if I don’t take it seriously, I can get fired. When I approach fundraising this way, I am able to put a healthy amount of time in partner development and take advantage of the opportunities God gives me to fundraise. Though I take fundraising seriously, I do acknowledge God is the One who provides at the end of the day. If it’s His will, it’s His bill.


Brandon and Jini Bornes, Collegiate Mission, Bowie State, Maryland
Contact Brandon and Jini by email at brandonbornes@gmail.com.

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