30 for 30
Planning Your Increase

Jennifer and I joined staff in 2006 and immediately began building our funding team.  We planned to be on campus full time as soon as possible, yet nearly three years later, were still short $1,000 per month.
I had worked a part-time job during the MPD process, and much of what we raised for ministry sat untouched.  So, in 2009, with what we had coming in and what had accumulated in our Navigator account, we went to campus.  I knew, however, that our reserves would be gone in a year if I didn’t continue working on funding.  The problem?  We were out of contacts.  We had no one to invite to our team.
I decided to focus on what we did have-60 committed ministry partners.  Sixty families cared about us and the ministry to which God had called us. I considered how they could help us reach full funding.
Jennifer and I launched a plan called 30 for 30.  We would ask 30 current partners to increase their support by $30 per month.  With the list in hand, we prayed about which 30 to ask.  Once we identified the 30, we called and said:
[Friend], Jennifer and I are grateful to have you as a ministry partner.  We’re ministering on campus now, but we still must raise $1,000 in additional monthly support.  We’re asking a select group of ministry partners to consider helping with this.  Would you look at what you’re currently giving and pray about increasing by $30 a month?
The response was encouraging!
    - Twenty immediately said yes on the phone (for some, that doubled their giving)
    - Five offered to increase by $50 instead of $30
    - Two couldn’t be contacted
    - Three could not increase due to circumstances 

No one said they were not “led” to increase.  One partner said, “I’m so glad you called and gave me the opportunity to do this.  I don’t know why we haven’t done it sooner.  We’ve been intending to, and you just gave me the opportunity to do it.”
The 30 for 30 campaign brought in $800 in additional monthly support—from people already on our team.
Here are a few thoughts on the experience.
    - People who support us are rooting for us and want us to succeed.
    - They feel blessed to help meet our needs.
    - Monthly partners expect to be ongoing partners. 
    - Some of the thirty said they felt honored to be one of the “select.”  This special invitation communicated value.
    - Don’t underestimate the value your donor places on being a partner with you. 
    - People want to feel like they’re part of an important initiative.  This was a way to draw them in. 

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