Year-End Appeal Letter: Sample 2

Month Day, Year

Dear Margaret,

Greetings at this joyous time of year! I want to tell you about an opportunity to partner with us, but first let me tell you about two guys on campus.

Joe and I met this fall during a Nav game night two days before classes started. He approached our group like he wanted to join our games, until he found out that we were a “Christian” group. During the next few days, God kept bringing us together around campus, passing in the hallways. I was finally able to catch him and ask if we could talk. So while he blew smoke rings outside, I asked him a few questions about his background. He opened up and shared some of his life story and then asked me about my life. I shared a bit of my story and God’s role in it. He put on a tough anti-God exterior, but I believe God is at work in Joe’s life.

It is exciting to meet with students and hear their stories and share Jesus with them, as well as equipping others to do this also. For example, I have met with Karl each week this fall, encouraging him in his walk. He has a great heart to serve others and teach God’s truth. He has shared the inadequacies of his faith and life, but God has used his weaknesses to share Christ with others. We remind each other of God’s love and grace.

As we begin our sixteenth year of ministry, our regular monthly support averages $1,374/month below our monthly ministry and living expense budget. Over twelve months, this totals $16,488. It is critical that we are fully funded so we are able to continue to lead students like Joe and Karl to Jesus.

Would you prayerfully consider giving a special year-end gift of $50, $100, $250, or $500? However God leads in giving (yes or no, whatever the amount) is fine.

Thank you for partnering with us in leading students to Jesus!

Only by His love and grace,

Personal Signature

Jack and Jane Navigator

P.S. To give, please return the enclosed card with your check payable to The Navigators by December 31st. You’ll receive an acknowledgement and receipt by return mail. Thanks!

Include The Navigator logo and your contact information.

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