What Readers Want

New Values for Today’s Readers

In the last 15 years, readers have changed as much as telephones. What captures the attention of today’s readers? 

The “skimmable.”

Readers now glance through a website, e-communication, or newsletter to “get the gist” without actually reading word for word.

What does this mean for your writing?


-Summarize content in section headlines

-Use bulleted lists

-Bold key words

-Place important information toward the beginning

Photos and Captions Carry the Load

With fewer people reading entire publications, photos and captions are more important than ever. Captions are the most-read part of a publication. Everyone looks at a photo (limit photos to one per newsletter) and reads the caption. Always. Make sure your reader can glean the whole story of your publication if they read nothing but the caption.

What Never Changes

What is a timeless value in all mediums of communication? Stories. People deeply connect to stories. Tell inspiring ministry stories every chance you get!

Did you notice that all of these tips are illustrated throughout this article?

Editor’s note: This information was based on a writing presentation given by Becky Grosenbach, The Navigators communications manager.


Molly Gilberts
MPD—Communications, Colorado Springs

Contact Molly Gilberts via email at molly.gilberts@navigators.org.

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