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Five Things Every Newsletter Needs
1. Your name and contact information. Make your name identifiable at first glance. Wherever your name is situated on the page, your reader needs to be able to find it quickly and easily.

2. The Navigator logo and tagline. The logo is available on the home page of NavCentral. Consult the guidelines on the website for the most current version and terms of usage. Please don’t modify the Navigator logo (it's a registered trademark).

3. The specific date. For example, write October 5, 2010 instead of October 2010 or Fall 2010. Doing this keeps you on target in mailing out your letter "on time" and makes the events in your letter more concrete to your reader.

4. Personal salutation. Always begin the body of your letter with "Dear ________," using your recipient's actual first name. (Your software's mail merge feature accomplishes this.) If that's not possible, start with "Dear Friend."

5. Personal signature. Hand signing each letter (legibly and in a different color) is a wonderful personal touch. Though it does take more time, people appreciate it.
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