Leaving Staff Letter: Sample 2 (Ask partners to give to another staff)


Dear _________,

It's not often you hear about an American coming to Christ in Japan, but that's what happened to Karen. Karen, a third-generation Japanese American, went to work in Tokyo after graduating from college in the late ‘80s. She desired to be immersed in her “roots,” Japanese language and culture. It’s amazing to look back and see God’s hand placing her in the exact office of my former Japanese roommate.

Through a number of ways our paths crossed, and before long, Karen’s life was transformed. She had asked Christ into her heart! I felt led to help her build deep roots into her new life as a Christian. So, I invited her to live with me. Karen’s desire at the time was to learn more about her Japanese heritage and culture, so initially she was hesitant to live with me, an “American.” But the Lord faithfully answered that concern as well, by bringing a young Japanese woman (a native!) to live with us. God works in wondrous ways! That was the beginning of not one, but two lasting relationships—between Karen and me, and more importantly, between Karen and our loving Father.

Last August, I sent you a letter asking you to consider giving to the ministry of Karen instead of giving to me. I am now retired, after serving 46 years with The Navigators! It’s been a life-changing experience for me, and I whole-heartedly appreciate your partnership over the years. But now that I am retired with a steady pension, I am no longer in need of the funds. The Lord is faithfully providing for me as He has always done. But you have been so generous in giving that I thought you might want an opportunity to continue giving to the Lord’s work through the efforts of another Navigator.

During the late ‘80s, Karen lived in Tokyo, Japan, where she met and became involved with The Navigators. The Lord provided a perfect opportunity for her to live and work in Tokyo while growing in her new faith in Christ. Karen and I developed a deep relationship and friendship, and after she came to Christ, I offered to disciple her.

Karen has since moved to Washington, D.C. and is now serving The Navigators in a full-time role with the International Student Ministry (ISM). She has a heart for seeing international students at U.S. colleges return to their native countries as godly leaders among their own people. Her responsibilities include her role as ISM Administrator, serving on their leadership team and ministering to 123 ISM missionaries around the U.S. and overseas.

In addition to her work in the ISM national office, Karen finds time to meet individually with students and recent graduates from nearby George Washington University and her church. Dana (Mei-Ling) Lin is a recent graduate who has been meeting with Karen for one year. They meet every Friday evening for Bible study, a time when they can learn how to live “Christ-centered” lives and pray together.

The Lord is using Karen to reach women like Dana in D.C., and international students all over the world. Would you pray about continuing your ministry to me via Karen? This seems like a natural opportunity for you to continue the work you helped begin as you supported me over the years.

Karen needs to raise $2,547 per month to be fully funded and continue to impact international students who have the potential to reach their native countries for Christ. Will you help her as she works to make a difference in the lives of students? Karen hopes to be fully funded by March 31.

To reach her goal, Karen will need gifts of $50, $100, $200 and even $500 and $1,000 per month, but gifts of all types and sizes will be appreciated. Please pray about a gift of the Lord’s leading. I will call you in the next two weeks to see how the Lord has led.

Thank you for your partnership over the years and for prayerfully considering the possibility of giving to the Lord again, through Karen’s ministry. You are passing on the promise of 2 Timothy 2:2: “And the things you have heard me say, entrust to reliable men, who will also be qualified to teach others.” You are playing a vital part in spiritual multiplication! 

Making my home in Him,


P.S. You may put Karen on your support list just as you gave to me by sending your donation to her account (#XXXXXXXX) at The Navigators, P.O. Box 6000, Colorado Springs, CO  80934. Your gift is needed by March 31.


(NOTE: Remember to include the Navigator logo, your first and last name, address, phone, and e-mail.)

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