Leaving Staff Letter: Sample 1


Dear Friend,

If you are standing up, I invite you to take a seat because this letter contains exciting and surprising news!  I wanted to let you know about some upcoming changes in my life and invite you to partner with me as I move forward into these new adventures. I won’t keep you in suspense, so here is the scoop:

I am engaged!

I am retiring from The Navigators.

Now I’ll explain.

Last October I began dating the pastor of a nearby Baptist church. I was taken with him immediately. I confess this rather surprised me. Over the past eight months, Bob and I have had the great delight of falling in love, and we are planning to be married in October. I cannot wait! He is the best man I know. If you would like more details (we have a pretty silly engagement story), feel free to email or call!

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About that same time I began a process of exploring my calling and vocation. A certain restlessness was nagging at me, and I felt I needed to take some time to evaluate the direction I was headed. If I was to continue my career with The Navigators, I wanted to be sure of God’s leading. If I was to pursue something new, I wanted to discover that now, rather than to wait and feel any kind of regret. After much prayer and discussion I feel that the Lord is inviting me to something new, and I plan to resign from The Navigators as of August 31.

I have loved ministering to college students these past ten years. What a privilege it has been to have a front row seat watching my student friends’ lives transform as they encountered Jesus in a real and vital way. I will miss this tremendously, but I am so eager to discover what (apart from marrying Bob!) my future holds.

To close this chapter with The Navigators well I would like to make sure that God is honored even in the accounting. With 53 days left, I anticipate a shortfall of $ 2,500 in my account with The Navigators. Would you prayerfully consider helping me begin the next steps of my journey well with an ending gift? Thank you for being a partner with me in the past and to the very end! We’ve made a difference!

In Christ,



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