Every Newsletter Needs A...

Molly Gilberts interviews Scott Morton, The Navigators International Funding Coach

M: What does every newsletter need?
S:  Here are two common answers: Every newsletter needs a:

List of activities since your last newsletter. No. Your newsletter is not a letter to your mom.
Funding appeal. No. Send an appeal letter once a year, but don’t appeal for funds in a newsletter.
The right answer is:  Every newsletter needs a compelling story.

M: Why?
S: A story is a powerful communication tool. If I asked you about last week’s sermon at church, you would have a hard time remembering the title or main point. But you would eventually remember a story the pastor told.
Jesus used the power of story—His parables are still with us! Those who first recorded Jesus’ words remembered His stories. And that’s what stories will do in your newsletter—help people remember what’s happening in your ministry.
Stories promote our vision. After many years of pontificating about The Navigators vision, I have concluded that my pontifications soon drifted away like a child’s helium balloon at the state fair. But stories about field ministry stick.
M: In April’s ToGether in Funding newsletter, Scott will tell you what goes into good storytelling so you can include compelling stories in your newsletters.  

Part 2

In last month’s ToGether In Funding newsletter, I wrote that every newsletter needs a compelling story because stories are powerful communications tools, and stories promote our vision.
What makes a good story? Paul Ramseir of KTIS Radio in Minneapolis said, “If your listener does not envision actors on a stage, you are not communicating.” These tips will help you craft a gripping story.

- Set the stage with enough background information to give readers context.Engage the senses with “word picture” details of the setting and characters. What did you see, hear, feel, taste, touch?
- Describe a threat/build drama. Every good story must have a “villain.”
- Describe personal emotions.
- Don’t force a happy ending or a conclusion. Next time…story killers: how to ruin a good story.
Contact Scott Morton via email at scott.morton@navigators.org. Visit his website for other MPD resources at scottmorton.net.