Annual Gift Renewal Letter: Sample 3


Dear (Bob and Betty)

It’s time for a “state of the union” letter to our annual and periodic giving partners. And that includes you. Last year you gave [amount]. Thank you so much for helping to anchor our team. It’s now approaching [19] years that we’ve been in ministry, and we sense God’s hand on our lives more than ever. We couldn’t do it without you!

So what has happened the last 12 months or so—both personally and in ministry?

* Home Front: We celebrated 25 years of marriage in April with a special trip to Florida. Every year together is better than the one before. Our newest granddaughter arrived in June. That makes five! My parents’ health continues to decline, so we take every opportunity to spend time with them.

* Discipleship Studies: Our Bible study continues to meet faithfully each Tuesday night. Four couples meet in our home to study Romans. Last week, “Steve” said he had always wondered whether it was possible to know for sure that he was a Christian. After our time in Romans 8, with glistening eyes and big smile, Steve said he knows. We enjoy seeing these couples grow!

* One on One Discipling: Our new neighbor walked over the other night hoping for advice on fixing the drip under their kitchen sink. He saw my Bible lying on the kitchen table, and his eyes lit up. He said he was a new Christian and didn’t know any other Christian men. We’re going to meet on Monday nights for the next month to talk about the Bible together—and we solved the problem under the sink.

* Other Ministry Topic or War Story: The men’s monthly golf/Bible study group is not going well. The guys love golf but don’t have the same enthusiasm for the Bible.

* Worldwide Navigator Ministry Expanding: We are now in 107 countries with 4,014 Navstaff—about 60 percent American.

Personal: I’m 49 years old but feel like I’m 29 most days. Every once in a while, I feel 99! But I’m feeling closer to the Lord than ever, having focused on just three chapters in Matthew (5, 6, and 7). That was great—I tend to jump around with a short attention span, but the Lord always brings me back to what He wants me to learn.

Coming Up: [List your schedule of events/major activities—three or four.]

Summary: Sue and I are more committed to making disciples than ever. Despite the increasing proliferation of great churches, great materials, and great ministries, discipleship still eludes many. I meet with three “growing” believers Friday mornings. One who’s been a Christian since high school (now late 30s) said, “This is just what I need!” He’s starting to memorize Scripture!

Well, that’s about it. God is using us, and the Gospel advances. But we can’t do it without friends like you!

For your convenience, I’ve enclosed a card and envelope. Hope you can match last [month] gift of [$X] or even increase the amount since our lettuce is more expensive now, too.  J Thanks in advance, [Bob and Betty]. We appreciate you.

In Him,


John and Sue Navigator

P.S. To give, simply make your check payable to The Navigators and return it in the envelope. Thanks again. Could we hear from you by [date six to eight weeks out]?


(NOTE: Remember to include the Navigator logo, your first and last name, address, phone, and e-mail.)

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