Annual Gift Renewal Letter: Sample 2


Dear Rick and Sandi,

I’ll bet your boys are fired up about Christmas!  May you all enjoy this year’s Incarnation celebration.  Let me introduce you to Craig.

He’s taller than I am, as he was when he was a freshman in our college Bible study, 38 years ago!  He and his wife, Nancy, have been led by our Father through the darkness of brokenness and grief, the aloneness of misunderstanding, and the confusion and hurt of betrayal.  Craig laughs easily, reads widely, and asks great questions from his heart, drawing student or nationally known personality into a relationship with him.  He is the most extensive networker I have ever met. Meeting with people and Facebook are his playgrounds. But my respect for him begins with his contagious affection for his Savior and his passion to see the students of New England meet and walk with Him.

Craig and Nancy left Dartmouth College after 19 years of impacting hundreds of students there – yes hundreds.  Now they’re carving out a ministry at Boston University, starting with one co-worker and six students.  I meet with him twice a year in their harbor-side home in Boston, caring for his soul.  I also get to visit with him at two to three staff meetings a year to hear his concerns and his hopes for B.U. and for the Northeast collegiate Navigators.

In all of this, because of the funding you provide and your prayers God answers, I get to point him to His Father, to gently encourage him to stay in the battle when tiredness moves toward weariness, and to rejoice with him as God uses him to change the people around him.

My question is would you be willing to continue your support at this time so I can keep meeting with Craig, and the other 39 staff in our northeast, collegiate region?  A while back you sent $60 our way.  Could you do that again?  Would you like to?  If so, write out a check to The Navigators and send it in with this card and envelope.  If paper checks are a thing of your past, the enclosed card explains a couple of different ways to give.  Thanks for considering this ministry to Craig and others.

With thanks,


P.S.  To help me plan for the year, may I hear from you by December 31?  Thanks!


(NOTE: Remember to include the Navigator logo, your first and last name, address, phone, and e-mail.)

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