Student Appeal

Todd Jensen, Collegiate Staff at Purdue

This spring, for the second time, the Collegiate staff at Purdue will make a financial appeal to the students in our ministry and their parents through Nav100.  This is how it works.

-Two weeks prior to our spring banquet, we announce to students that, at the spring banquet, we will ask them to invest in the ongoing Navigator ministry at Purdue by committing $100 from their summer earnings.  This two-week notice gives students time to think and pray about making the commitment.  (Students will make the commitment in April/May but won’t actually give until August.)  We also urge them to talk to their parents about making a gift. 

-At the spring banquet, we cast a vision for the future of the ministry (through a Power Point presentation) and make the financial appeal.  Students receive a commitment card and fill out their name and the amount they commit to give at the end of the summer.  They receive an envelope that they address to the location where they will be at the end of the summer.  Students who think their parents are interested in making a gift address an additional envelope to their parents.  Collegiate staff then collect all the commitment cards and envelopes.

-At the end of the summer, we mail a letter to the students who turned in cards and envelopes.  We state the amount the student committed and invite them to mail in the gift or to give online.  We send a letter to the parents whose names we were given and explain who we are, that we minister to their son or daughter, what our ministry goals are, and invite them to make a gift.

Last year was the first time we implemented Nav100, and we raised $3,000.  This year, we’ve made a few tweaks to the process, and, prayerfully, we’ll raise even more for the Purdue ministry.  By the way, all of the funds go to the ministry account.  Individual staff do not benefit from this appeal.  We used the funds from last year to promote The Navigators on campus and to offset retreat expenses.

The idea for Nav100 came to us through friends from Campus Crusade who have done this kind of appeal for years, and we’re happy to share this idea with you.  May God use it to advance His Kingdom! 

  Letter to Students  (Word)

  Letter to Parents  (Word)

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