Small Group Appeal: Suggestions for How a Friend Can Help

Host invites guests to the event

“I’m calling to invite you to a ____________________ to meet my friend, ______________, who’s going into full-time ministry with The Navigators. I know you have a heart for ministry to ______________, so I thought you might like to hear about _________________’s work and his/her funding goals. There’s no obligation to give.”

Host introduces you at the event

“Thank you for coming to meet my friend, _________________. I’ve known ____________ since ________, and I’m excited about this step of faith he/she is taking toward full-time ministry with The Navigators. As I mentioned when I called, _______________ will be ministering (where_____________ ) with (ministry target group __________________________ ) as part of The Navigators. I’ve known of (or was involved with) The Navs since (when ________________________________ ). ___________, tell us how God has led you into this ministry and more about what you’ll be doing.”

You present your ministry and explain more about The Navigators if people are unfamiliar with the organization.

Host “gives you permission” to talk about money

“Thanks, ___________. It’s exciting to hear how God has brought you to this point. It sounds like He’s given you a challenging and strategic ministry. Now, I know from our conversations that you need to develop a group of people who will support your work both financially and through prayer. We know how the prayer part works. Tell us how Navigator missionaries are funded and how we could be a part of your financial support team.”

You present your funding goals and indicate you plan to follow up with each person individually in three to five days to find out his/her giving decision.

“ . . . As (host __________ ) told you, there’s no obligation to give, but I’d like each of you to prayerfully consider whether God would have you be part of my support team. I’ll get in touch with you in three to five days to answer any questions you may have and to see how God is leading you. I know that God will direct you.”

You thank your host and the guests

“Thanks, (host ____________ ) for arranging this gathering. I appreciate all you’ve done. And thank you all (guests) for coming and listening to what God is doing at ___________________. I’m looking forward to talking with you more in the near future.”

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