Practical Tips for MPD Trips

If you’re planning an MPD trip in coming weeks, read through these tips from members of the MPD team. The do’s and don’ts from this group of seasoned pros can help you prepare well, avoid some pitfalls, and have a super time connecting with current and potential ministry partners. Bon voyage!


Ask your prayer team to pray for your travels and meetings with people.

Determine how many face-to-face appointments are possible during the time you’ll be in a location and ask God to fill those slots. Then go to work calling!

Set up appointments now. If you wait until you arrive at your destination to begin contacting people, many meetings you hoped for won’t happen.

Leave a couple time-slots free for unexpected opportunities to meet or for some rest.

Schedule breaks and enough time between meetings so you can be on time to every appointment and be fresh, relaxed, and engaging.

Take MPD supplies. Pack small thank-you gifts, funding brochures, commitment cards and envelopes, EFT forms, note cards, stamps, and lists of people (with address, phone, and email) in the geographic areas you’ll visit.

Brush up on your ministry presentation, especially if it’s been a while! Let your supervisor or a colleague hear you present your ministry vision and funding appeal. Incorporate their feedback so you deliver your presentation confidently and comfortably.

Prepare interesting ministry stories. Have in mind one or two good stories about what God’s doing in your ministry. If you have a photo of the people you’re sharing about, even better.



Wait until you’ve arrived in the city/state you’re visiting to let people know you’re in town.

Dominate the conversation by telling people everything you’re doing. Spend just as much time learning about and listening to your friends share about their lives as you do talking about your ministry.

Give people open-ended opportunities to fit into your tight schedule. With your calendar in front of you, ask if Saturday at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m., for example, works best. If neither works, ask what time on Sunday afternoon fits. Be specific. They will understand the urgency.

Make assumptions about who does or does not want to meet with you. Contact people in the area you’re traveling to, even if they may not be in your “inner circle” of close contacts. Some of them may be delighted to see you and may feel honored you reached out to them.

Mix vacation and MPD. Combing the two may leave you having accomplished neither.


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