Phone Appeal: Phone/Letter/Phone - Overview and Tips


There will be some people you want to invite to be part of your financial support team but simply will not be able to meet with in person due to schedules, geography, etc. If a face-to-face appeal is not possible, the next best approach would be a phone/letter/phone appeal (or letter/phone, if you choose to forego the initial phone call).

You also may substitute other forms of contact (e.g., FaceBook, text message, email) for the phone call, if that method is the best way to reach the individual (use their preference, not yours).

Call/Send to Whom?

Contact people you would normally try to appeal to face-to-face. In the initial phone call, tell more about your transition into ministry (you’ve probably already sent them your announcement letter) and ask if you can send more information about the ministry itself and the funding goals needed to support the ministry. Ask them to read the material and pray about being part of the financial support team for the ministry. Let them know you’ll phone again in a week or so to find out how the Lord has led them regarding partnering with you. Then mail the information with your cover letter, and be sure to follow up as promised.

What to Include in the Letter

-A short reference to your initial phone conversation
-A brief description of the materials you’re sending
-A story that illustrates your (future) ministry
-A request for them to read the material and pray about financially partnering with you (monthly or annually)
-An indication of when you’ll call to find out their decision

Please Do Not

Do not rely on stand-alone letters to raise support for ongoing ministry. Navigator staff consistently report that face-to-face appeals (with follow-up) are the most effective way to raise support, followed by phone/letter/phone or letter/phone appeals.

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