Phone Appeal: Lapsed Donor Phone Script

Hi, (friend's name).  It's (your name) calling.  Do you have a couple of minutes to talk?

Brief chit-chat.

(Friend), I want to thank you for being such a faithful ministry partner.  When I look back over my giving reports, I see you you've rarely missed.  Yet, I also noticed that (two) months ago, your gifts to our ministry stopped coming.  I'm wondering, is everything OK?


Possible responses and replies:

Friend:  Everything's fine, and I didn't realize you weren't getting our gift.  Our credit card expired, and I guess I need to call The Navigators to update that information.

You:  Great.  Do you have their number?  It's 866-568-7827.  We really appreciate having you on our team!  Glad to know everything's fine.


Friend:  I lost the piece of paper from The Navigators that I mail in with my gift.

You:  I have another giving card right here.  I'll fill it out for you and mail it to you today, then you can send it on to The Navigators with your gift.  By the way, do you know about The Navigators electronic funds transfer option?  After you set this up, you never have to worry about slips of paper or writing checks again!  I'll highlight that option on the card I'm sending you, in case that's something you'd like to consider.  And thanks for being on our team.  We couldn't do what we do without you!


Friend:  We're going through a hard time right now (examples could include divorce, job loss, illness, etc.).

You:  I'm really sad to hear this news.  Can I pray for you?

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