How to Form a Local Funding Team

One thing all Navigator staff have in common is fundraising. To generate strength, synergy, and encouragement within a group of staff around fundraising, here are some ideas to help form a group.

-It’s helpful for one or two people to take the lead to set up the meetings and keep them going. This kind of group rarely maintains itself, especially delving into the often stressful topic of raising support. So find a committed, enthusiastic leader(s).

-Meet regularly, such as once a month.

-During the gathering, pray specifically about funding issues. Pray for donors, prospective donors, and each other.

-When together, actually work on funding. Spend 20 minutes calling to thank donors or set up fundraising appointments.

-Share ideas with each other—things that have worked well, and things that haven’t worked well. Fresh ideas can energize funding efforts.

-Bring upcoming newsletters, and read and edit with the goal that everyone will go home with a strong, readable piece of communication.


This is what our funding group in Minneapolis has been doing. The last Tuesday of the month, we meet to discuss one particular aspect of fundraising for ideas and encouragement. So far, we have discussed building a mailing list, writing a cash-project letter, developing a newsletter strategy, raising money from churches (we met at a church and invited the mission’s pastor to tell us their side of the equation), raising support from group presentations, and sharpening our presentation. Missionaries from several other organizations have heard about this and join in on the discussion as well. They bring additional ideas and perspectives.

What ideas have you tried that will help other staff? Let us know!


By Becky Brodin, MPD Team, Minneapolis, MN
Contact Becky via email at, and contact The Navigators MPD Team

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