A Local Funding Team in Action

Albuquerque Group

This group from Albuquerque gathers every month to encourage one another in fundraising.

Editor’s Note: The Albuquerque Metro Team discovered a long time ago that meeting together regularly to talk about funding and help each other in this important area of ministry made the team stronger and more unified. They have met each month for years to talk about the joys and struggles of MPD and to learn from and encourage each other.

Karen’s account below of what the Albuquerque team does each month is meant to provide an example of one team’s practices in hopes that many more Navigator staff teams around the country will launch their own funding accountability groups.

By 8:15 a.m. on the second Monday of every month, most of our Albuquerque Metro family is already seated around the table at our favorite breakfast spot, Le Peep. Anyone who arrives late will likely walk into a clamor of voices sharing about the results of the previous night’s big game, a child’s latest accomplishment, a ministry story, or a funny incident that has three people laughing in the corner. This is not the scene of a business meeting out of control—this is family! Every person at the table is there to share life with the others and to encourage, pray with, and talk about the trials and triumphs of his or her own ministry. This is our monthly funding accountability breakfast.

For as long as I can remember, we have met once a month to encourage each other in fundraising. This is not an optional appointment. This is a high-priority commitment that every fundraising member of our team attends. We come because we know we will walk away from these appointments with fresh ideas and fresh conviction to do the best job of fundraising that God enables us to do. We are intentional with our meetings and have come up with an agenda that works for us, starting from the moment we walk in the door.

Once we’ve shared a little of our lives with each other and placed our orders for breakfast, we get down to business.

  1. Corporate prayer. In groups of two or three, we pray through some of God’s promises related to fundraising. We lift up each ministry on our team and pray for God’s provision for those staff. This usually lasts about 10 minutes.  When the food arrives, we stop praying and eat!
  2. Sharing Successes.  Starting with what we have done, we go around the table and tell how we’ve spent our time on fundraising in the past month. There’s always at least one story that inspires everyone else! One month, Abe Chavez shared how he had not been seeing results in his fundraising, so he started sitting down and praying over his list of potential donors daily before meeting with the people. God responded abundantly! They had acquired several new donors just in the past month from this practice. Pens scribbled furiously as we each wrote a reminder to try this with our own potential donor list.
  3. Sharing Ideas. Next, we share what we plan to do in the coming month, whether it’s a newsletter, a phone campaign, or a brand new idea. Laura Jenkins, our Urban Ministry Leader, once shared an idea for raising funds for their kids’ program by hosting a silent auction that all the kids could participate in. We were all so excited about it that we pitched in to donate items and volunteer at the event. This time of sharing can be really helpful to everyone, as we get challenged to think outside the box and come up with new ways of fundraising.
  4. Remembering the Principles.  A final, critical component of these monthly breakfasts is a time of remembering God’s promises; reviewing proven, basic fundraising practices; and encouraging those who are struggling with helpful suggestions and prayer. In our Albuquerque Metro family, no one gets left behind, so we each believe our personal responsibility is to help everyone else on the team succeed in fundraising.

Fundraising can be a lonely, frightening mountain to climb when you do it on your own. But when you’re a part of a family who commits to sharing the journey with you, you realize you’re not alone at all, but part of the body of Christ, functioning exactly the way that God intended.


By Karen Warin, Metro Staff, Albuquerque, NM
Contact Karen via email at kwarin@navigatorsabq.org.

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