Questions to Ask Before Approaching a Foundation

About the foundation:

  • Have you checked with the Foundations and Grants office to see if anyone else at The Navigators already has a relationship with this foundation or has applied for a grant in the current funding cycle?
  • Are the foundation’s mission, interests and objectives a good fit with your ministry or project? How would this project or ministry partnership help further the mission of the foundation?
  • Do you or anyone you know have a relationship with someone within the foundation?

 About your ministry:

  • Can you clearly and concisely describe your ministry and mission in layman’s terms? The foundation may not be familiar with The Navigators, so you will need to explain The Navigators and your ministry in terms they can easily understand.
  • What has your ministry accomplished to-date?
  • What are your short-term and long-term plans? (i.e., 1 year, 3 years)
  • Do you have current biographies or resumes of those leading the project or ministry?

About those you serve:

  • What population(s) do you serve and where?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges?
  • What is the most compelling (urgent/pressing) need of those you serve?
  • Do you have statistics or stories that support the need?

Meeting the need:

  • Are other organizations in your area already helping meet the need? If so, how is your approach unique or complimentary to the programs already in place?
  • Are you collaborating with other organizations to meet the need?
  • What is your plan?  What steps or activities have you developed to meet the need?
  • Do you have stories or testimonies of how you have met these needs in the past and the impact, as a result?

Measuring Success and Impact:

  • How will you measure whether or not you are making an impact?
  • How often will you assess the progress and success of your efforts and adjust, if needed?

Funding and budget:

  • Are you seeking personal support, general ministry support, or project support - and within what timeframe?
  • What are the sources of funding for the ministry or project now and for the future?
  • Has a solid budget been developed?  (Yearly ministry budget or project budget)



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