Understanding and Explaining Your Navigator Funding Goal

Your Navigator funding goal has four components: taxable salary, ministry expenses, benefits, and charges for core services (administration). Some ministry partners may want more information about how your financial support is distributed. The “Support Distribution Flyer” will help you explain this.

Key points:

-Salary: The salary component of your Navigator funding goal is taxable (gross) salary, not net (take-home) salary. Navigator staff have to raise funds to cover their federal and state taxes in addition to their personal income.

-Ministry expenses: These are the “business expenses” related to your day-to-day Navigator ministry.

-Benefits: Navigator missionaries have to raise funds to cover their benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, worker’s compensation, and disability insurance.

-Core services (Administration): This portion of a Navigator funding goal covers the essential core services (usually known in business as “overhead”) provided by the staff person’s Mission as well as by Navigator Headquarters. The Mission charge helps cover the costs of operating its leadership and coordination functions and provides resources that bring focus and shepherding to each Mission. The Headquarters portion (12% of donations) supports The Navigators’ National Support Ministries (NSM), which provides all the legal, treasury, accounting, employee benefit administration, technology, donation processing, receipting, and human resource functions for the entire U.S. Navigators. NSM also provides annual grants to the People Resources Team (PRT) and to Staff Funding. PRT provides staff development, counseling, crisis intervention, training, screening, and assessment for Navigator staff. Staff Funding focuses on training and coaching Navigator field staff as they strive toward full funding for their individual ministries.

-Kairos Fund: 1% of donations go to this fund that is used to increase the number of new ethnic field staff, new ethnic ministries, and new ethnic laborers to advance The Navigators’ calling into the diverse cultures of our country.

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