Face-to-Face Appeal - Set-up Phone Call: Want to Give Up?

Some staff can spend 60 minutes on the phone and schedule six to 10 fundraising appointments with no problem. I also know some EDGE Corps staff who have set up and made 40-50 appeals in six weeks! But that has not been my experience.

I find people are incredibly busy. During the past few months, I tried to call a businessman seven times. Last week I finally reached him. He was leaving town the next day and would be gone for seven weeks!

It often takes me six to eight calls to one person simply to schedule a face-to-face appointment. Not long ago I spent two consecutive evenings phoning for appointments and was thrilled to set up five!

I wish it were easier to get hold of people. But I have decided not to give up. People do want to get together, they are just booked up. Once we finally meet, we have great times together, and most people end up giving!

Our newest donor said, “The first time we met you two years ago, we knew we should support your ministry. Thanks for inviting us to join your team.” How long would they have waited to give had I not personally invited them to partner with us?

“…knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord” (I Corinthians 15:58).

Raising support takes more time than I’d like. But so does a part-time job! God has called us, and I’m not going to let people’s busyness rob me from fulfilling my part of funding the mission.

What about you? Have you given up too quickly?

by Bob Seibert, Ministry Partner Development Team
Contact Bob via email at bseibertnavs@verizon.net.


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