Face-to-Face Appeal - Set-up Phone Call: Sample Outline


“Hello! This is Joe Navigator with The Navigators. Is this . . . ? May I speak to . . . ?”

  • Chat briefly, exchange pleasantries
    • “Jim, do you have a minute to talk? I’ve got an important project I’d like to tell you about . . . ”
  • If not a good time to talk
    • “Could I call you back in a few minutes? In an hour? Tomorrow?” or “When would be a good time for me to call you back?”


  • If able to talk
    • “As you may know, I’m going on staff with The Navigators at U.C.C.S. I’m excited about what the Lord is doing and the ministry God has called me to join there.”

Ask for appointment

  • Ask
    • “My first ministry assignment is to put together a team of friends who will partner with me through their prayers and financial support. As I thought about who I’d like to have on my team, I naturally thought of you.
    • “Is there a time I could come by and visit with you for 45 minutes to an hour in the next week or so, so I can fill you in on all the details?”
  • If they hesitate
    • “There is no obligation whatsoever. I would consider it an honor to tell you about our ministry and be able to catch up face-to-face.”


  • Confirm appointment date, time, location, and directions
  • Confirm availability of DVD player if you plan to use one of these
    • “Do you have a DVD player? I have a short video about The Navigators that is excellent, and I’d like to show it to you!”
  • If no appointment, keep the door open for the future
    • “I certainly appreciate your willingness to consider this, Jim. Maybe we could talk again in a year. Perhaps things will be different then.” (Pause.)
    • “In the meantime, may I send you our newsletter? (Pause.) Our major prayer request is . . . . When you think of us, that’s the prayer need. Thank you!”
  • Ask how you can pray
    • “I appreciate your time, Jim. Is there a prayer request you’d like me to pray about for you?”

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