Face-to-Face Appeal - Set-up Phone Call: Overview and Tips

There is a cycle to ministry partner development, and it’s important to complete the entire cycle. A phone call is generally the first step to setting up a personal appointment (texting and Facebook are also effective). The second step in the cycle is to meet with your friends to present the exciting ministry work to which God is calling you. The third step is to simply ask them to prayerfully consider partnering with you in the funding goals that must be met for you to be free to do this work. You’ll usually complete the fourth step—a follow-up call—a short time after your meeting. This call allows you to answer any questions and to learn how God has led your friends in their giving decision. The final step in the MPD cycle is to thank them for their response, regardless of whether it’s yes or no to giving. Remember, the relationship is always more important than the money.




  • Prayer reminds us of our need to depend on God to orchestrate our success.
  • What should you pray?


-Be strategic in whom you call.

-Call at appropriate times.

-Have a script or outline to help guide some of your key comments or questions.

-Be sure to mention “money” or “funding” during the phone call.

-Be prepared to respond to common questions and obstacles.


-Find a place that will allow you to minimize distractions when you call.

-Keep your script or outline in front of you during your calling.

-Have your planning calendar available so you can schedule appointments as you talk with people.

-Be yourself—not too low key, not excessively enthusiastic.

-Make sure you have the person’s attention by asking, “Is this a convenient time for you to talk?”

-Ask for an appointment, not a giving decision.

-Confirm the details of the appointment: date, time, location, directions, and availability of DVD if you plan to use this during the presentation.

-If it is not going to work to get together in the near future, try to keep the door open for a future appeal by asking if you can get back in touch in a few months.

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