Face-to-Face Appeal - Follow-up Phone Call: Scenarios and Responses

“I’m sorry we haven’t gotten around to talking about it yet.” 

That’s fine, I understand.  When should I check back with you?  Is it better to call or e-mail or text?  What number should I use?

“I’m really sorry but I don’t think we’ll be able to do anything.” 

That’s okay. Thank you for considering my request.  Would it be okay if I check back with you again in a year or so if I have additional needs? (Pause for their answer.) Would it be okay if I add you to my mailing list so you can receive ministry updates and prayer requests? I’d love keep you informed and have your prayer support.

“Yes, we decided we’d like to do something.  We’ll send you a check in the next few days.” 

Thank you very much!  Do you still have the form and envelope I left with you or would you like me to mail you another one?  Just a reminder to make checks payable to The Navigators.  It’s an honor to have you on our team. We are very grateful.  I’ll also add you to our newsletter list so you can receive our ministry news and prayer requests.

Voice Mail 1st try

Hi, this is Sue Navigator. Sorry I missed you. Hope you’re out having fun. I’ll try you later or you can try me at 555-1212.

Voice Mail 2nd try

Hi, this is Sue again. I'm just following up on our meeting the other night.  I’m at 555-1212.

“I’m sorry we haven’t had a chance to talk. Joe’s out of town this week.  I’ll have him call you when he gets back in town.” 

No problem; that would be great.  If for some reason he get’s busy and I don’t hear from him, I’ll give him another call.  Is it best to try here at home or at the office?

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