Face-to-Face Appeal - Follow-up Phone Call: Sample Outline


“Hello, is this . . . ? May I speak to . . . ?”

“This is _____________ from The Navigators.”


“Is this a good time to talk?”

  • If not a good time: “Could I call you back in a little while or would tomorrow be better?”

“Bob, I’m calling to follow up on our meeting last week about The Navigator ministry I’ll be joining. I wanted to see if you had any questions for me.”

Answer any questions the person may have.

Ask for decision

“Have you had a chance to come to a decision about joining my support team?”

  • If yes (will give):
    • “Wonderful! Thank you! Have you determined how much God is leading you to give?” (Pause.)
    • “Do you still have the commitment card and envelope to send in?” (Pause.) Be prepared to send another card and envelope if needed. Remind the donor to make checks payable to The Navigators.
    • “I’m delighted that you’ll be part of my support team. Thank you. I’ll send you my newsletter soon.”
  • If no (not giving now):
    • “That’s fine. May I send you my newsletter to keep you informed about what’s going on in the ministry? (Pause.) Would it be OK if I contacted you again sometime in the future?”
  • If no decision yet:
    • “That’s fine. Your decision—one way or the other—is important to me, so may I call you again in a week?”

Close the call

“I appreciate your time, Bob. Do you have a prayer request that you’d like me to pray for?”

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