Face-to-Face Appeal - Follow-up Phone Call: Overview and Tips

Plan to follow an appointment with a phone call 3–5 days later. Remember, it is important to indicate at the close of an appointment that you will be calling.

What you need for follow-up phone calls:


-Phone numbers

-Notes from your presentation time

-Phone Call Script or Outline

-Additional response cards (in case they misplaced the one you left with them), envelopes, stamps



Calling again

If this is the third or fourth call back with no decision, you might ask: 

-“What would help you make a decision?”

-“I don’t want to annoy you with phone calls, but it will help me in my planning to know your decision. How would you like me to follow up with you from here?”

Answering machine

“Hi, this is . . . I was just calling to follow up on our discussion last week to see if you had any further questions or had made a decision. I’ll give you another call soon.”

At the third or fourth machine message, leave your phone number for the potential ministry partner to call you, but continue taking the responsibility to call them. Clarify your need to know their decision, yes or no. If you still can’t connect by phone, send an e-mail or postcard.

Reasons to call back

-Be faithful to your word.

-Neglecting this step increases your guilt and pressure.

-Waiting may lessen the potential ministry partner’s interest in your ministry.

How to handle neglect

-One month—(damage control) apologize.

-More than one month—consider writing a personal note to alert them that you will be calling. Then do it!

-More than six months—you may need to start over.

The longer you wait . . . the harder it gets.

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