Church Appeal: Sample Letter 2


Dear _______,

My name is _______.  I am a member of First Baptist Church in Benton, TN.  My friend, _, is a member of your church.  Hopefully, he has already spoken to you about what God is preparing me to do – go halfway around the world to reach Muslims with the love of Christ.  I am writing because I want to invite you to consider the opportunity to be involved with me in this significant outreach.

I have recently been appointed by The Navigators to serve God in Uzbekistan, using my degree in agriculture as a platform for gaining opportunities to share the story of Christ with Muslims in that country.  The Navigators is an interdenominational ministry committed to sharing the gospel all over the world and training new generations of Christians to do the same.  This decision to serve is the result of years of prayer and the sense of God’s calling.  This is exciting for me!

I met The Navigators as a student at the University of Tennessee.  I was looking for a group of people who shared my desire to actively pursue a closer relationship with God.  One day, I filled out a Navigators survey card in my dorm, and a week later, a young woman invited me to a Navigators Bible Study.  In The Navigators, I found the kind of friendships I desired.  My friends taught me to understand the Word of God, to pray more effectively, and to be more aware of the impact that my life could have on others seeking God.  I know firsthand the way the Lord is using this organization.

It is not surprising then that The Navigators is the organization God is using to send me to Uzbekistan.  As a Navigator, I am responsible to raise personal support among like-minded people willing to partner with me.  I am hoping that you will prayerfully consider joining me financially as I take the gospel around the world.

I must raise $3,000 in monthly support and $14,000 to cover outgoing expenses before I go overseas.  Monthly support covers my living and ministry expenses once I get to Uzbekistan.  The outgoing sum covers transportation to Uzbekistan, setting up living quarters there, and the cost of all the training sessions I am attending before I go.  Because of the length and the serious nature of this assignment, I will need a lot of training, including language acquisition and a Muslim awareness course.

I would like to meet with you and give you more details about my ministry.  I plan to call you soon to see if an appointment is possible.  Keep in mind that there is no financial obligation for meeting with me.

I will call you within the next week to see if there is a good time for me to visit your church and explain my ministry and The Navigators’ funding process in more detail.  Thank you for your time and attention!  If there’s a way for me to minister to your congregation, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

God’s blessings,



(NOTE: Remember to include the Navigator logo, your first and last name, address, phone, and e-mail.)

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