Refresher Course

As many of you across the U.S. bake in a July heat wave, perhaps you’d like to pour yourself a big glass of lemonade and ponder Proverbs 11:25: “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”
I feel refreshed thinking of those who already generously partner with us!  I sometimes dwell on all the work ahead of me in MPD, but I need to take time to be thankful for how far God has brought Lynn and me in the last 25 years with our funding.

Many of you are pouring yourselves into MPD this summer.  I’m thinking especially of the 100 new EDGE staff who received funding training early this summer and plan to be on campus in the next couple of weeks (if not already)—with cash and commitments secure for this coming school year.  So far this summer, new EDGE staff have told their story in 3,875 face-to-face appointments and have gifts and commitments totaling $1,641,161!
Others of you have used a lighter summer schedule to add new partners and strengthen your giving team. 
Well done to all!
With the end of the fiscal year in sight (August 31), I’d like to offer two thoughts.  First, take time to be refreshed by your current partners.  And while you’re at it, pray they would be refreshed by the Lord because of their generosity.
Second, now that you’ve finished your lemonade, there’s work to be done!  With four weeks left in this fiscal year, it’s the ideal time to add a few new giving partners to your team and to start the new ministry year on solid financial footing.  Scott Morton’s practical article in this issue will help you make an MPD plan for this important month.
With you and for you in funding,


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