First 15

First 15  Roger Hamilton

For more than 40 years, the F-15 has been one of the most important aircrafts in the U.S. military.  It is designed to excel in acceleration and maneuverability, and can fly 3,000 miles before refueling.  While MPD is certainly not an issue of national defense, there is a coaching version of the F-15 you might find helpful in your MPD responsibilities.

When I talk with veteran missionaries who realize they need to give focused attention to funding, I’ve asked them to give me the first 15 minutes of their workweek.  On Monday morning after the kids are off to school and the dog has taken them out for their morning walk, we devote the first 15 minutes of the week to talk about funding—F-15.

What does this accomplish?

A few months ago, Lynn and I met with a younger Navigator couple, and I proposed the idea of a weekly F-15 call to the husband.  The next day I saw his wife at Glen Eyrie, and with tears in her eyes she asked, “Are you really going to help him with our funding?” Knowing we’re providing help and hope to our friends is worth the effort, isn’t it?

For some who are in more serious funding situations, it may even be necessary to make an F-15 call every day, rather than once a week.  This could be done for a week or two but probably isn’t realistic or necessary for longer periods.

This small investment of time and attention can yield big dividends for a struggling friend.  The F-15 call can help staff accelerate their fundraising, “maneuver” more easily in life and ministry with increased resources, and go the distance!


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