How Can You Help Staff Prepare for Year End?

How Can You Help Staff Prepare for Year End?

Molly Gilberts

These few tips can help you lead the staff you supervise in planning effective year-end ministry partner development—donor ministry, face-to-face appointments, and a year-end appeal letter.  Help staff


Make it a priority.

-Talk about and help staff plan their year-end strategy this month.  What should the plan include?  What are the steps?  When should they happen?
-Help staff understand the importance of bringing in 2-4 months of income in December and January.  Some staff may not think it can be done.  But it can!  And it will make such a difference to have some reserve for “leaner” months.
-Ask them to read or reread the October TGIF, which talks about the importance of a year-end letter.
-Don’t let staff use the excuse that people are too busy for funding appointments over the holidays.  November and December are times when people are gathering.  These months can be “the most wonderful time of the year”—for MPD!

Make it count.
-If staff plan to send a year-end appeal letter, encourage them to ask someone to proof read it to see that it includes an interesting ministry story, a clear appeal with exact funding goals, and directions on when and how to give.
-Year-end letters yield much higher results when they’re followed up with a reminder email or phone call. Encourage staff to set time aside 7-10 days after their appeal letter is mailed to follow up.

Make it fun.

-Plan an evening for staff to get together to review each other’s year-end letters and offer helpful tips, or to call for appointments, or to follow up appeal letters.
-Give some rewards for the staff person who adds the most new names to their mailing list before November 15 (and mails a letter).
-Reward the staff person who completes the most funding cycles before December 31.
-Be creative!


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