Do's and Don'ts of Coaching

Perspectives from the MPD Team Members

The members of the Ministry Partner Development team have much experience in coaching staff in funding their ministries. Here are their thoughts on the qualities of a good funding coach, and what to avoid when coaching others.

What are the qualities of good funding coach?

-A servant’s heart
-Good ideas
-Knows not only how to impart skills, but is also able to motivate and refocus staff to God's greatness
-Has a heart for the staff person
-Has regular contact with his/her staff
-Provides accountability…and a “kick in the pants” when needed
-Prays with and for his/her staff
-Asks the hard questions

What coaching practices should be avoided?

-Advising staff to lower their budget instead of helping them reach full funding
-Forgetting coaching appointments
-Talking more than listening
-Giving up on the “tried and true” MPD Cycle
-Abandoning staff
-Sitting back, waiting for the staff person to get in touch
-Not delving into what’s going on with the staff personally as well as in MPD
-Giving platitudes for answers ("Well, just keep trying. I'm sure you'll get in touch with people sooner or later.")  

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