How Long Does It Take to Get Funded?

How long it takes to get “fully funded” or to reach your funding goal depends on a number of factors.  We don’t know, can’t predict, and can’t control God’s timing and His provision.  The factors we can control (to some degree, at least) are our time and effort, and we can make some calculations based on assumptions or experience.  The Excel worksheet below will help you estimate the amount of time and effort it may take for you to reach your funding goal (based on the assumptions noted in the worksheet).

Instructions:  You need to complete the “How Many Partners” section first by filling in the yellow-shaded cells, then you can choose which of the other section(s) you want to complete (“How Many Weeks,” “How Many Hours per Week,” and “How Many F-T-F Appointments per Week”).  Numbers from the “How Many Partners” section are used in the other sections, so the other sections will not calculate properly if you haven’t completed the “How Many Partners” section.

  How Long Does It Take to Get Funded (Excel)

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