The BIGness of God Bible Study



How BIG is your God?  Apart from your salvation, what is the biggest thing you’ve seen God do?


What helps you remember that you serve a BIG God?


Luke 5:1-11 - “Peter’s Realization”

a)  What did Jesus ask Simon to do after He had finished teaching the Word?


b)  What was Peter’s response?


c)  What do you think Peter thought about Jesus’ directive?


d)  What do you think Peter and his buddies were expecting from this next “cast”?


e)  What does Peter’s response to the “large catch” of fish tell you about Peter?


f)  What do you think Peter was feeling at this point?


g)  What stands out to you about Jesus’ final comment to Peter?


h)  In summary, why do you think Jesus directed Peter to cast out his net one more time?


3 - If Jesus asked you to raise $1,000 or $2,000 more per month for the coming ministry year, how might you respond?


4 - How might Jesus communicate that to you so you would hear Him?


5 - What will it take for you to respond as Peter did?



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