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Essential Attitudes

If we were to interview missionaries whose ministries are successfully funded, we would quickly discern that they have several attitudes in common that make a strategic difference for any missionary to attain—and maintain—full funding.
The following attitude summaries are adapted by permission from:

 Funding Your Ministry Whether You’re Gifted or Not by Scott Morton, © 2007, published by Dawson Media (

Essential Attitude #1 - God is the source
Be clear and convinced about biblical giving and receiving. Biblical giving means a ministry partner gives to God—vertically. Since ministry partners give to God, missionaries receive from God—vertically.
If you view ministry partners as your source of funding, you have a horizontal view. That’s merely worldly charity. Furthermore, you alternately may feel deserving or undeserving of ministry partner gifts. Are you trying to earn income from your ministry partners? This produces pride or resentment depending on their response. Are you dependent on human effort or slick letters and presentations? Or are you dependent on the Lord, looking to Him as the source of your funding?
Key Verses
Numbers 18:24
1 Chronicles 29:12
Philippians 4:18,19
2 Corinthians 8:3–5
Essential Attitude #2 - Prayer demonstrates dependence on God as the srouce
Essential Attitude #3 - Be clear on your job versus God's job
Essential Attitude #4 - The Bible is the standard for fundraising practices
Essential Attitude #5 - Biblical fundraising is a spiritual ministry
Essential Attitude #6 - Receiving support is biblical "right" but not a demand
Essential Attitude #7 - Expect to raise 100% of your approved budget
Essential Attitude #8 - Poor talk dishonors God
Essential Attitude #9 - Focus on the giver, not the money
Essential Attitude #10 - Emphasize the greatness of your vision, not the greatness of your need